Who is better? Kawhi v LeBron

Seems like every talking head is arguing this one lately. And yeah, I want in on it. Yes, I am a fan of LeBron. I am an apologist. Haters of LeBron are fools. We can talk about China another time. Would you rather have Kawhi's or LeBron's career as of today?If you take Kawhi's… Continue reading Who is better? Kawhi v LeBron


Fueling Championships – Five Stars

This is a historic post. For the first time ever, I am using the analysis of a friend. That friend is Steve. He emailed me the other day (that is how you know you're officially old, your friends email you and say stuff like, "please see attached" or "be advised") about this segment he heard… Continue reading Fueling Championships – Five Stars


The curious case of Taysom Tebow

Bear Grylls has a Netflix show out, "You vs. Wild", that is not too different from the show that made him famous. It is an interactive show, where viewers can decide his fate by choosing the path on a quest of survival (now you can help him not drink his own urine). For example, in… Continue reading The curious case of Taysom Tebow


“Bailed Out” Somehow this video came across my youtube searching. Maybe I was looking for it. You know those moods where you are looking for a fight. The head line of it caught me - NBA Players Bailed Out In The Clutch. Hooked. I fell right in cause I knew it was a lie. The premise… Continue reading “Bailed Out”