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Retire No. 23?

Bron Bron said that no one should wear the number 23, out of respect for Jordan. He has since sought out the number 6 (Bill Russell’s number). There are some rumors that the league may retire his number. An action like this, no matter how great Michael was, would take away from the legacy he is and the future of the NBA.

The greatest player of all time. Stats prove it, players agree with it, the rings prove it, but should the NBA really pay homage to him? I thought that was what the hall of fame was for. The Bulls have already paid tribute to “His Airness” by retiring his number. Isn’t that enough?

Basketball is a team sport. Dispute that and it as if your disputing the law of gravity. A league wide retirement would only encourage selfish play and pride. Some would argue that it wouldn’t, because to truly emulate Jordan, you have to make everyone around you better. And that is my point exactly. Emulate Michael, you have to adopt the team player spirit. He never asked for an MVP, retired number, or to be called the greatest, he earned it.

I want to be like MIKE. But he wasn’t the first. There were many players before him, who revolutionized the game. He just re-invented aspects of it, he changed the way the game is played, but last time I checked basketball hasn’t changed its rules in quite some time. You still have to put the ball through the orange cylinder to get points. Giving Jordan this honor would downgrade what the other greats did, like; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Pete Marovich, Larry Bird, or Magic Johnson.

He is remembered. He isn’t forgotten. He isn’t God. Let’s remember that.

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