The Boys. The Crew. The Herd.

Last night Mowgli and I stayed up and chatted. We had some sweet stories to swap. We also talked about the kind of friends we have and the group we were apart of. I realized that we are an interesting group of fellas. I have written about my friends before, probably b/c they are probably influencing me the most right now… so here I am, writing about them again.

We had a chill and grill at Blastoff’s house. It was interesting what roles we all played. Somehow I was the cook, no kisses for me. Shame really. There were some cuties. The others somehow gravitated to the basketball hoop, while the ladies congregated at the table. Interesting.

The boys got loads of confidence, but when push comes to shove, and the women are there… it is daunting for any of us. Seriously. Girls are intimidating. On the other side of the coin, it was light outside. Great time to play ball. OR they weren’t interested in the girls. Whatever it was, it was a little awkward. I mean, we invited some hunnies, and no one wanted to tap the bunnies. At the same time, if I wasn’t glued to the grill would I have done anything… and if my foot was healed? No.

We are all really similar.

Competitive: We all hate, hate, hate losing. Hate it so much. Mowgli threw a paddle at a guy one time after playing ping pong. Golden never loses ping pong… but when we lost in a softball game he didn’t even crack a smile…and he is always smiling. The worst is old Burkalicious. He gets really upset. He is probably the sorest loser of them all. It doesn’t have to be sports… it can be anything.

Fun Loving: Most mistake us for overconfident, some would say cocky. I think we are just misunderstood. We just love to have fun, even if that is at the expense of others. Cracking jokes is part of who we are.

Therapy: We all have a similar language of love, words of affirmation. Now, we all love each other like brothers, and the way we mostly seek that love is through compliments. It is important for us to hear the others say, “Dawg, you rocked that man.” We just build each other up and it is sincere.

Talents: Hidden and various. Stick around and you’ll see.

A brief look at each player on the team.

Golden/Petite/Chadillac Bio: A lil over 6’0″ Maybe.. maybe. 160 lbs. Hometown: C-City. Status: In a relationship. Has some serious quickness on the bball court. The guy also has some sweet curly hair. Girls dig this dude w/o him saying a word. Smart boy as well, he is going to go far. Loves to have a good time. I would trust him dating my little sister… if I had one. He feeds me… CANNOT be beaten at ping pong. Oh, he also struck out the other day in slow pitch softball. Suns fan?

Mowgli/Simba Bio: 6’1″ Probably 173 lbs. Hometown: F-Town. Status: Single. One of my all time best friends. Never get tired of him. The man has the potential to have any lady fall for him, but he ain’t a playa. He also has the brain gene. God blessed all of these fools. However, he can’t dribble with his left. He can get upset real quick, or at least I can get him upset real quick. Lakers fan.

Domp/Pud/Plato Bio: 6’0″ exactly 170lbs. Hometown: C-City. Status: Good as dead, in a relationship. The most “chill” guy I have ever known. You’d think he would’ve smoked so much weed he got a perma-high. I haven’t seen him in a long time. He is worse than me when he gets a girl. D-E-A-D,I just ordered a casket . Snowboarder/high jumper/jazz fan.

Blastoff Bio: 5’10” around 165 lbs. in the evening. Hometown: C-City. Status: Its complicated. Solid guy. That is what comes to mind when I think of Blastoff. Just a good person. If I asked him for his kidney… he wouldn’t give it to me, but he would definitely lend me support. Solid Short stop. Not a Lakers fan.

Burkalicious Bio: 5’13” wrestled at 145 lbs. Hometown: Parawon. Status: Single. Stud of a missionary in the Indies. Ready to get the H out of here. Ready for the big lights-Provo. Particular, he hates animals inside. Loves that new sound. Killer looks. Just marry this clown. Get him off our hands. Hates the Lakers and Yankees.

Shredded Wheat Bio: 6’0″ couldn’t be 150 lbs. Hometown: C-City. Status: Single. Own PF. Lives life his way, and that is fine by me. Avid fan of all sports. Knows his stuff. He could stump the Schwab or Trebek.

Dave In his own words “four foot nothin.” 160 lbs. So according to that, he is a midget. Hometown: Hurricane? Midvale? Where is it? Status: Also DEAD! But I see him! Dave is elders quorum pres. Really can’t beat that. He is the man. Can hold his own in any weight room. He is going to marry some girl on the dance team.

There you have it. The men who are my brothers. We are a tight knit crew created through love, that will only be broken b/c of love. Give us a chance. We are a great group of young men. Some have it more together than others. But truly take a chance on us, it may be the greatest investment of your life. Remember when Aladdin comes to Jasmine with the magic carpet? She was so nervous, but he said to her, “I can open your eyes”… yeah, that strikes home.

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