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The Celtics

I hate the friggin Celtics. Maybe b/c everyone in Utah is loving on them right now. But I am about ready to blow a lid.

First of all they all act like they have chips on their shoulders. Like life is so tough for them. I guarantee you’ll see KG, Ray Ray, Paul Pierce, and Perkins make the pooping face, or the “someone slapped my mother” look. I failed to mention Sheed, the biggest goof of them all. What are these guys problems?

I guess Ray’s mom should quit coming to the game with that rhinestone jersey and nasty face. Begging for refs to get off her boy. Umm, Flo, he is a grown man. Maybe you should grow up too. Or maybe Paul will get carted off with a wheelchair again. Don’t try to re-create drama bro. Willis Reed doesn’t find it cool. Then again, it would be great if Perkins got another T, then the NBA could ignore his one game suspension again. I love when officials reverse calls, real ballys.

What would take the cake is if KG punched himself again, maybe even a slap would do. Hitting other players did not draw any attention to his obscure behavior. I just had a… yeah, I did… I just had an inclination of what KG’s problem is; he is a psycho.

LA in 7. It will be great series. I just hope they can smile while losing.

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