We are all familiar with this re-created myspace. All of us are members of its club. We play its games. We poke each other. We post something dramatic, hoping someone will notice. And are constantly reminded of the people we need to “reconnect” with, people who have visited our profile, and upcoming events. But where did this come from? Why all of the sudden do we combat this urge to get online and check our notifications, hoping that we’ve been tagged in that recent road trip we went on?

You see, it all started with the cavemen. This need to post on walls. A caveman would need to boast his bounteous kill in the recent hunt. Communication was limited to grunting (despite what the geico man might say), so he drew a picture, which could convey a thousand words. Do you see where we are going with this? Egyptians, Mayans, Romans, all of the ancients did it. They of course had a designated people to carry out this important assignment… carving stories into walls.

Therefore, this is part of human nature, wall writing. We have saying about walls. “Can you see the writing on the wall” “They hit the wall” “Do you mind carving on my wall”… it is all around us. However, history is full of power hungry men wanting to limit others. Writing things down became more popular. Paper became accessible. And some jerk named Gutenberg, invented a printing press that almost destroyed the wall writers.

Despite the best efforts of the so called inventions and progress, there were those who held on to the core beliefs of wall writing. Although suppressed to the underground circles, it thrived. Spray paint liberated the gang members, who once again revived the forgotten art. The public saw this revitalized form of communication and wanted to participate. Bathroom stalls became a perfect way to update everyone, “MIKE WAS HERE”, or give out numbers. YES! The revolution had begun. Most messages were uncouth and inappropriate, but it was still a light. A light that others followed.

Enter the modern age. Cyber walls. You, yes you, you are apart of the truest communication. Enjoy those walls. There are only character limits on comments, but the possibilities–limitless.

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