All the places you go…

If you were going to live out the last year of your life where would it be?
I am sure most would say some place exotic or romantic.
I wouldn’t.

I’ve been to some really unique places in my short existence. From Kauai to NYC, down to Cocoa Beach, and even further south to the jungle of Guyana. I’m not saying that I have been to a grip of places, but enough to confidently say, that up to this point in my life, I would choose the small town in the desert hills of Northern Nevada.

Fallon. People often cite that it is a boring city. Nothing to do. No entertainment. Those are just negative vibes. Here is the thing, people make the place. No matter how many attractions, a city is empty without a friend, or a smiling face welcoming you into the gates.

Ignore that your average Fallonian is a redneck. The place is a diamond in the rough. People are sincere, not afraid of who they are, in fact they are proud of themselves- G.E.D and all. Forget the unwashed hair, these people are hardworking souls, just trying to carve their own place in the world. And who is to blame? I blame the Navy. They caused the leukemia cluster! Google that shiz!

The true reason I love Fallabama, is because that is where my heart is. That is where I was raised from birth. That will always be home. That is where my family is… or was. Take for instance Dorothy. Did she really love Kansas? Not really. She was a teenage girl stuck on a farm with her unmarried uncles and grandparents. Plus she had a nasty neighbor. “BUT WHY DID SHE WANT TO GO HOME SO BAD AND LEAVE OZ!?” Easy, she realized that going home would be way better than living in a dream land. Who would like dwarfs and witches from every region? Not me. Not Dorothy. Not any sane American dammit!

Beauty is nature in unadulterated state. That is what you find in Nevada. The land has stayed relatively the same since the beginning of time. And no matter where I am in the Silver State, I know that when night comes, I can look up and see the stars.

Sam Sparro. Song: Black and Gold. By request.

2 thoughts on “All the places you go…”

  1. i know at parts you were being sarcastic but the trust is that i love fallon! i love the desert, i know the purple mts, i love the sage and the pine, i love finding those beautiful spots in the middle of some range of mts that only the animals see. i love that so few people live in nv -there is space. i love that every sunset is going to be a good one. i love that i can see the milky way from in front of mom and dad's house. i love that i still know people who work in the grocery store. i love that even though mom doesn't have kids in high school anymore she still goes to high school fund raisers. i would probably go to plays, to night of fights and probably even to a few football games. fallon is home. that stupid song mr. boyd made us all learn at west end- now feels like my anthem 'home means nevada home means the hills, home means the sage and pine, at where the truckee silver reels, out where the sun always shines, there is a place that i love the best, further than all i can see–home means nevada to me!!!”

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