Hiding from doing nothing.

Convergys is probably one of the most boring places of employment. I would say that we sit for around for about 2 hours out of the day. That may be an exaggeration, but it feels like it. It was OK at first. I practiced pencil tricks, drew, poked fun at others, or read. I recently have been forgetting my book, and I am getting too good at pencil tricks. My new thing is hiding.

There aren’t many good places to hide. There are cameras everywhere. The best place to hide is the Men’s bathroom. I usually choose the second stall. It is the darkest. The lights aren’t directly shining over it. I also can txt freely in there. We aren’t allowed to have our phones out when we are around the computers… we have access to some highly sensitive information. The stall also has probably one of the most intense locks I have ever seen in a bathroom. It is a flat, four inch, shinny metallic bar. It rotates around and rest on its ledge, insuring that no one will visit me.

Some times I just sit there, wondering what the heck I am doing in this place? What is going on in the real world? How many times could I have beaten Super Mario in the amount of time I have wasted? Other times, I just don’t do anything, ironic. For some reason I would rather do nothing alone. Clear mind, blank stare, and open mouth, almost drooling. I shake myself awake, return to the classroom, sit down at my chair, and sigh. A broken and defeated man.

Then, this song comes to mind. Sharam ft. Kid Cudi, She came along.

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  1. Hydie-cakes has a blog?! Not only that an entertaining one?! This is a revelation to say the least.

    I could do without your hating on P-Town post though. Just saying.

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