growing up, nostalgia

I miss….

Recently, at a church activity, we were asking the question, “What is something you miss from your childhood?” This created quite the stir in my head. While the basic answers were given, I was searching my soul for some real answers.

I miss:
Being curious about everything.
Wearing pots and pans on my head when a cowboy hat could not be found.
Pretending to be a gunfighter of the wild west.
Sucking my thumb while my other hand is down my pants.
Velocity and sword fights… girls wouldn’t understand.
Defecating in my pants.
Watching sleeping beauty and wishing I was Prince Phillip.
Burning things down.
Fighting with my little brother.
Three square meals a day, guaranteed.
A loving Chauffeur.
Lego battles minus the force fields.
Not understanding or knowing the bad things that swirl around.

MGMT Time to Pretend and Kids

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