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run for me.

Sometimes, when I am by myself, I begin to question a lot of things. One of the most visited thoughts within in my brain is women. They also seem to be the constant that heal and break my heart. I guess it is important to understand that I love them all. I fall head over heels like a roller coaster, and by the time I come to, I am nauseous. In the past, I have gotten myself so deep into girls, that there is no way that I can come out unscathed. One of my friends told me the difference between me and most men, they casually dip their feet in the pool water, testing its temperature and assessing the consequences of getting wet. I, however, dive in. Head first. Not caring how deep the pool is.

Here is what I am asking myself, what is better to dip, wade, take it easy, or just be like Justin Bieber and cry out “I just need somebody to LOVE!” or “Your world is my world. Your fight is my fight. And my breath is your breath…” For me it is obviously a lot easier to be passionate right out, but is that making it more difficult for me to really see what is going on.

We are all in a battle (right Ms. Sparks?) for love. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone Love Everyone! I see flaws with either game plan. With the dip and analyze strategy it breeds a man to not commit, to play the field, and not get serious. It is really a defense mechanism. They shield themselves from a relationship, that way they stay safe. Mine on the other hand, takes a lot out of a man. His time and emotional strength. It creates a mixed up individual. I guess it is all about deciding what kind of race you wanna run. Sprints or a Marathon. I don’t know if I am really making sense. Essentially, it doesn’t matter what kind of race you wanna run, as long as you finish.

BUT I don’t wanna do the pre-races anymore. I don’t even wanna stretch. I wasn’t born in Kenya or the Caribbean. And guess what Gatorade, I am not about to take your three drinks. I am going to sit the next few plays out. I think it is time that I become the prize. Start running for me ladies, cause this wolf is wiped out. Unfortunately, we all know this is not possible. But it was nice to pretend that it would actually happen in those few sentences. I will continue to run. Run boy run.

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