An unwanted mother

Tigger (as we shall call her) has assumed herself the mother of our little band of agents at AT&T. She actually refers to herself as “the mom”. I do not know what power came about to influence this woman to decide that she was the AT&T mom, but I will not allow it. I never asked her to be my mom. I have never referred to her as “mom,” nor will I ever! I have but one earthy mother, and it would be a mockery to compare Tigger to my angelic mother. It would be an abomination to even put Tigger in the same sentence as my mom.

Admittedly, you can consider our group a type of a family. A stretch, yes, but nonetheless there are some similarities. We have a authoritative figure who dictates what we do, like a father. We are all like brothers and sisters, arguing, collaborating, bonding, but that is only due to the forced space that we have been put in for seven weeks. We even take a weekly dinner together. But this is a work family. I do not call any of them my brother or sister. So where in the heck did Tigger get this idea that she could actually call us “Baby” or “Honey”?!

The only woman that I want to call me those familiar terms, is my future wife. Not some lonely woman who wishes we were her kids! That may sound harsh, but it is true. I do not want that kind of a relationship. A quick litmus test I have to determine if I am friends with someone, I picture me hugging them. If it was awkward in my mind, then they aren’t really that close of a friend. Tigger, the most you are getting is a limp fish hand shake.

What really got me all peeved about her attempting to be our mother is when she started to try and govern us. She would scold us for doing things. That doesn’t sit well with me at all. For instance, I was teasing this girl about her small hands (they are so small. If I did tease her, I couldn’t live with myself), and Tigger attempts to block my jokes and try to make me feel guilty. I looked at her in shock as she then called herself mom. I am going to make it clear that she is not the mother of this rebel. H no.

2 thoughts on “An unwanted mother”

  1. haha. put her in her place davie crockette. she is probably trying to make it better that as an older woman she has to have a job and work with students who will one day move on but not her- this is it, this is her high point in her career. i mean it sucks to work there as a student let alone as an older woman…just my thought. maybe she wants to be your future wife?

  2. you are right, my wise sister. But being married to her would be worse than getting all of my nails removed from my hands and feet.. everyday. She is too nice to really tell off. Just has a face like a pumpkin.. and I don't like kicking pumpkins.

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