The People

He stands about five inches taller than me, or at least it feels like it. His dark hair is often covered by a brown hat. His skills are often displayed on waters surface and the baseball diamond. Never a harsh or unkind word escapes his lips. I don’t think I have ever heard him talk bad about a single soul. In a nut shell, he is a solid man. I don’t think there is any better complement than that. I wish it was his birthday so I could tell him all the things I love about him, and it wouldn’t seem gay.

Better known on the streets of C-City as, “The People,” Kaclynn has forged a bond of friendship with me that will withstand the sands of time. He has taught me important principles that are keys to life like, good language, honesty, kindness, humility, but most of all, how to throw a baseball. We play catch quite often. I used to short arm the ball and couldn’t quite get it to him, now I look at mountains and laugh. Uncle Rico has nothing on me. I love extending my arm behind my head and launching that white sphere at another human being, just to see them catch it and hear the THUMP of the mitt. Ah! Art in its true form.

He is a good friend and has made me a better one. The People, you are an inspiration to thousands of Taiwanese people and to me.

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