Estabon Gondolfo Kid

My little brother has returned home. I haven’t seen him in almost four years. I thought it would be weird, seeing him for the fist time. Maybe I was expecting it to be awkward. To be honest, it was as if it was just another day. We had just been away for a few days. We picked up right where we left off.. at each others throats.

I don’t really know when this brotherly rivalry started. Maybe it was when we had to not only share the same room, but the same bed. Every morning would end up with a fight of some sort. I would win, due to my size and innate cruelty. He eventually conceded the bed to me and slept on the floor. That was a fateful day, when I realized that if I pushed my weight around, I could get him to do what I wanted.

Perhaps because of the differences in likes and interests, it provided more fuel to the fire. Then again, maybe it was my pride. Here is the thing, he has returned home, a man. He can stick up for himself, be his own man, and decide things for himself. I gotta respect that. Ya know? Yeah… you know. 
Since seeing him I have fought the desire to be the big brother, I guess I still have my own pride to deal with. Anyhow, I have walked a mile in his shoes, and tried to see things from his perspective. I love the guy. He doesn’t care what people think, or say about him. Esta bon, welcome home brother. 

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