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There needs to be a book written for those who are not born with the inherit qualities of Bro-ship. I don’t think the new generation of men take these unwritten rules serious enough. Perhaps, if there was a book written, then people would be for real…. I already see a problem with this; you’ll get those dudes who cite the book all the time, creating a monster of an official. So, scratch that idea. But someone needs to teach the rising generation of the value of understanding this system of codes and regulations. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with brosephs to teach and follow the correct way. Hollywood has done its best in trying to teach some basics. Take for instance, Wedding Crashers, Hitch, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers, to name a few. What needs to be taught you ask? Easy. 

1. Dibs count. Just like calling “shotgun no BS”, you can call dibs on girls. And you gotta honor it. I promise you’ll be blessed for it. Example: I called dibs on this girl my first semester at SUU, although she was clearly more interested in my friend. My friend honored the bro code. She and I didn’t even start anything. I gave him the go ahead nod. He is now married to her. Boom, how do you like your eggs now? Scrambled I hope…

2. Being a Wingman is more important than being the pilot. What is essential to being a Bro? Being a friend, and the most fundamental part of being a friend is looking out for them. AKA Wingman. 
      a. wingmen are there to support. This could mean that they need to assimilate to the situation to benefit their homie. For example. Mowgli came with me to a girl’s grandparents house. She was from out of town and was staying there. Her family was very hostile towards me. Rude. I was shocked. I couldn’t react. My brother Mowgli took over. He owned them; turning jokes around on them and took some heat for me. It was awesome. I got singed, but not burned, because of my wingman. He played third wheel without any immediate benefit coming back to him. Some times you may just have to be the silent Joe. Just gotta be a good one. 
      b. Scratch their back, they will scratch yours. Just like JT says, what goes around comes around. It is that simple. Karma. 
      c. Do not block a man from the prize. If you are the third wheel and he gives you the look like, “Get lost,” get lost. 
Did I fail to mention Goose? Maverik ain’t nothing without Goose. Try that on for size. 

3. Forgive and Forget. I did something really crappy to my best friend the other day. He was pissed at me. I felt terrible. It could have ended poorly for the both of us. But we both understood that we have come too close and far together to let something small get in between us. You just gotta shallow your pride and say, “You are right man. I am jerk.” But if you are in the right, be patient. Yo, Montell, let em know what’s up?!

4. Talk things out. Do not be a little pansy about things that bother you. Dudes now a days try to hint at issues they have by going through a side door. Just meet the conflict head on and talk about it. 
    a. Also, on the other side of the coin, they may want to share goals, feelings, and aspirations. Listen man. That is how we do. 

5. Quality time. I am probably the worst at this. I get a g/f and I forget my roots. If you want your dogs to be around for you when you got hard times, which will come, you have to give them your shoulder too. Plus, guys are a lot more fun then girls… generally…. most of the time… until you find your wife…. “Friends, isn’t it about time?!”

6. Leave no man behind. The military has trained its finest to protect the man beside you. This type of strategy binds men together. You can’t leave a buddy in a line of fire! Save him. If he has a lame g/f, tell him. 
   a. Not to be sacrilegious, but isn’t that the message of the gospel? 

7. Secrets do not make friends, but they sure can ruin a friendship if shared. I think that speaks for itself.  Unless you are Chuck Norris, then secrets are your friends… 

4 thoughts on “Bro Code”

  1. to add a rule for post-marriage, coined by a friend from college:
    9. homies is homies for real. that was actually the name of the song. it means that we're going to go our separate ways but don't take it personal. you're still my friend, and the one time we talk a year is going to be like we never missed a beat. homies will still be homies.

  2. wow….who knew being a guy had so many rules…huh. you've really thought about this. do you have to get beat up to join this brohood? like jumped in?

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