My wants are worth the blood of others.

Switching gears…. and yes, I can do that on occasion.

I have noticed that ever blog post of mine incorporates the pronoun “I”. Not that taking about myself is bad. I mean, this is my blog. My experiences. This blog is very informal. ANYWAYS, this thought got me thinking, if ever post is talking about myself, then what does everyday consist of? Thinking of myself. Totally self absorbed? Do all I really think about is myself? And for some reason, this got me thinking about the larger scale. Like, where did I get this kind of attitude, of selfishness. Or what perpetuates this culture of narcissism that seems to dominate my country…

America is consumed with the idea of being comfortable. We insist that our wants are more important than the greater good. This comes from capitalism, which so many patriots claim to be our saving grace. Capitalism equals progress. Progress equals American exceptionalism. Exceptionalism equals selfishness. This is the reason why so many of us take no thought of the sweat shops incorporated so that we can wear our hip clothes and nikes. No one questions how many solders were killed to provide the gallon of gasoline to top off the SUV tank. Hardly anyone considers the hardships of illegal immigrants harvesting our foods. The problem is that we are so used to  luxuries that they have become commodities. We are spoiled, but yet point to our neighbor as the culprit.

I am to blame. I hear myself rationalizing immoral things so I can be “happy.” For example, I say to myself, “At least those sweat shops provide an income that would not otherwise be there,” or, “Solders understand that they are going to risk their lives for my “freedoms.” Luxury items do not bring happiness. I could do just fine with a pair of pants and a shirt… but will I give up my excess? Heck no. It is MINE. I deserve it. And why not? How dare anyone tell me to do something that is unnecessary.

Sorry if this all just a huge snowball of so many issues that lines are crisscrossed and nothing makes sense. I guess I am just trying to create thoughts within myself, or rather, ideas of how I can change. How I can change this behavior and ideology within myself. I feel like I have done nothing of substance to really give back to the world or this great country. I am thankful for everything I have. I hope that I have not made all of America look evil. We are the greatest country in the world because we are striving to become better, one individual at a time. That change might as well be started with me… I still don’t know how, but I am sure something will come to mind.

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