I have taken the liberty to assume what these individuals would have said if they were asked about my competitive nature. These comments may not reflect how they truly feel.

“David is extremely competitive. I remember in the church ball he was called for a foul. It was at the end of the game, which was close, and he was called for reaching… just some tic tac call. He got really upset. If memory serves me correctly he said some obsinties.” – Brandon B. (Church basketball coach, mentor)

“One time we were playing ‘Catch Phrase’, and Dave said part of the phrase. I don’t remember what it was, but he was called out on it. He got really upset. He didn’t remember doing that. He spazed out. Left the room. I even think he slept outside that night.” – Steven. (Younger Brother)

“When he was a sophomore he had a cast during most of the football season. To shed defenders, he would use his cast as a club. He used it to his advantage, that craziness to win.” – Nate M. (High School QB)

“When he was little, we put him in a elementary basketball league. He always had his mouth wide open… just so intense.When he would box out kids, he would put all of his weight into them. He is one of the most competitive children we have” – Anne. (Mother)

Uhh.. I was a fierce competitor, but somehow, somewhere, I lost that fire. I have been trying to bring it back. I cheat during card and board games, but that hasn’t translated to the playing field. I could care less. I listen to Lincoln Park, and still I don’t get hyped. I’m back to B-League status– the guys who play for fun. But games are not played for fun, we play them to win. I guess I gotta start drinking raw egg shakes in the morning, cause I don’t recognize the face in the mirror.

Here is what I miss: Two thanksgivings ago, there was a huge flag football game. One of my teammates got an interception. I was running up the field, providing blocks for him. Mowgli was there. He was gaining on this dude from behind. I came in from Mowgli’s right, he never saw me, and I put a ear-hole block on him. It wasn’t hard, but it was a hit during flag football. I took out my best friend during a semi-competitive game, which was definitely a non-contact game.

4 thoughts on “B-League.”

  1. I was there for that thanksgiving game. Keep in mind what was at stake. Flag Football. My 7 year old son was playing on our team. Most of the people playing hadn't touched a ball or ran any sort of distance, excluding from the couch to the toilet, since the last thanksgiving game. David didn't just block the dude. This poor guy was trying to chase down an 11 year old and David blindsided him. He was 5' in the air, horizontal, and came down hard. We scored the touchdown. I think we beat them by 8. 8 touchdowns. it really wasn't much of a game. It wasn't competitive enough for David so he decided to play defensive line (8 hard counts of Mississippi) by himself against the lone set of brothers that broke 6'6″ and weighed over 3 bills. There were at least 4 or 5 sacks, surely some hurries and most definitely some hits that resulted in fumbles and INT's.

    As for you, David…you've lost your own loving feeling? Go out and hit someone. go play pick up ball and decide your gonna deny a guy the basketball. He won't even touch it. He'll be so pissed he'll either demand to play again, push you and throw a fit, or storm off the court. Since you go to a wussy school, he'll probably storm off the court.

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