This blog, inthecornerwithfiveten, is my baby. This is my Hobbes, Calvin’s stuffed tiger. He could confide in old Hobbes, imagine wonders with him, that was the beauty of Hobbes, he wasn’t real. Follow? Lost you… alright, bad analogy… backtrack. Baby….

You know when a baby is brand new, the parents are REALLY hesitant to let people hold em? If you are allowed to hold them, which is a feat in itself, you better not breath on them. The audacity to breath on a new born human baby! Then as the child grows older, the parents let em wander and play with more and more people. The key to all of this is maturation. As the kid grows up, the parents become more comfortable with the idea that the child can have its own identity, therefore more and more people are permitted to hold and play with the child. 
I am not ready for this baby to be exposed to those individuals who will drop my baby on its head. I am protective of this little page that has my name on it. I worry that many will not appreciate what this blogger has to say. I am not saying that this blog has the potential to be viewed by hundreds– but I almost can’t bear the thought of five more people reading this. 
Black Cards Club Called Heaven was a featured video on youtube the other day. It was pretty fun to listen to. Chiddy Bang is featured in it, and I like him.

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