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Pound for Pound.

This past weekend I went to Mesquite and learned some valuable lessons. 
1. America needs to have some kind of hero. We do not have a hero. LeBron had a chance to become our icon, the man that everyone can root for. Look at Manny Pacquiao. The world has never seen a boxer like Manny. Never. No one can really even compare to his splendor. The Filipinos delayed mass so that they could watch him fight. Look at the streets, lined, everyone there, rooting their champion on, from thousands of miles away. 
     a. Watching a PVP fight for free over the internet is awesome. 
     b. Watching sports with English commentators is SO better. 
     c. I wish boxing was more popular. 
     d. Boxing needs Manny vs. Mayweather. 
2. When you gamble, let loose. Just let your hair down. It is your chance to become apart of the movies. You can live the storyline of the great gambling movies. And when you let it go, the experience is so much better. Then again…. do not gamble. Gambling is bad
3. Feeding ducks bread with nieces is surprisingly fun. Ducks are neat too. 
4. Michael Cera is hilarious. 
5. Good lists must be divisible by 5. 

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  1. Mayweather won't fight him because he would get thrashed and lose out on all the $40 million pay days for just walking in the ring. I also got to enjoy the splendor of Manny P. this past weekend, he is phenomenal. However, Manny will never even scrape the aura of Ali in the USA. Ali was so much bigger than the sport (i.e. Vietnam, civil rights, and great trash talk)
    But still Manny has earned his place in the discussion of all time pound for pound greats.

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