The Take Over

Have you ever come up with a special idea or coined a phrase, and then someone, probably that annoying friend  of yours steals it? They just take a hold of… whatever it may be… and signed their Herby Hancock all over it. Sometimes it can be flattering that they are copying you, imitation is the highest form of praise, but then again, it can be really annoying. For example. I used to write on my brothers blog. I was a pretty consistent contributor, then he started to invite others to write on his blog. The blog went from being a music sharing, idea flowing, feel good blog to one of competition. Authors pitted again each other, pride blinding their writing and comments to see who could receive the most attention. I would go on to the blog with the intention of posting, but would lose my nerve when I would see the latest post and argumentative banter. Overnight, the blog changed. The identity was forgotten.

This has to be one of the most frustrating things to happen in ones life. Take for instance the movie The Italian Job. Remember how the idea of Napster was taken from the character played by Seth Green. Or even the social network, you could argue that facebook was a stolen idea… Girls know all about this. Happens with clothes all the time. “OMG. I am mad. Sammy is only wearing that blouse because she saw me with it! She even has my clutch too! Whore!” It is just outright thievery, infringement, plagiarism, and lying. Awful. Like the color Green, Celtic green. When I think of that Celtic green it makes me want to vomit and in that vomit is a picture of Ray Allen’s mom. I’m still wondering how she gets so much TV time. I wish Tebow was in the stands, in a Lakers uniform, charging towards her….

Do not take over someone else’s idea, phrase, style, whatever. Don’t. Please. Sneak peak at a future blog: Only ourselves to blame, with feature guest Walker Wood.

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