If you follow my twitter page and my facebook page, you know that I love business classes. If you didn’t know that, now you know, and you probably feel like an idiot for not getting on the web to see what my statuses are… not that you don’t have a lot to check anyways. Youtube. Gmail. Your lousy blog. Your families blog pictures. ESPN. SI. Your bank account. The onion. Facebook. Blah blah blah. I have completed my general education credits. Now, I just have my core, the focus of my major. I am sure you are familiar with this concept. What this really means is that I now am stuck with the same sorry group of people in all of my classes. Yes, SUU is that small. Every day I arise with the knowledge that I will see the other “happy” business people.

The classes are interesting. I love learning about accounts payable, tax codes, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Not. I still have some hoops to jump through before the fun classes. Not only is the material rather bland, the company is a bunch of pissed off, opinionated, and cash hungry kids. I am not just being negative – I am kinda – but my other buddies have mentioned to me how angry some of the kids seem. My first day of business law I almost saw Piggy get eaten. All Piggy said was that he could find the workbook in the book store, which was a bad idea because it obviously showed his weakness, and the hunters attacked. “Well, I found the book.” “Yeah, I was there like, just before this class, so 15 minutes ago. And it WAS there.”

The second casualty came just minutes later. When the professor asked how our current political movement has affected the economy. A girl in the back suggested that while the economy is suffering now, the future looks bright under the leadership of Obama and co. So many hands shot up I had to move my head to the side so I would get slapped. “This is worse than the great depression.” “Obama might as well be FDR! He is has done more to tear this country apart than any other man!” “We are moving towards a fascism government. Our politicians have truly lost their way, they have forgotten what true libertarianism is!” I swallowed hard.

Hours later, another building, another class, another student calculates a statistic problem incorrectly. He is murdered on site. Harassed from all sides. I put my calculator away, pretending that I don’t have one. That way I will be safe. I don’t know what it is about these people, but they have ZERO tolerance. I fear that I may not last through the semester.

Just keep telling myself its business time. I’m a business, man.

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