Password Strength

If you are like me, you forget things very easily, but I have always been obsessed with creating funny, innovative, and odd passwords. When I worked at Convergys, I mean AT&T, I had to create a lot of passwords. We even had a sheet to keep track of the twenty some odd passwords. That is a lot to remember. I decided to keep them pretty similar…. Where am I going with this? I guess, I’m saying is to make passwords that you will never forget. Cause if your forget them and your security questions, you are screwed.

My very first hotmail password was ‘technology’, since then I have moved on to, ‘iate6monks’, ‘,,,yourock,,,55’, ‘youdontknowme!’, ‘ihateeverythingaboutgarbage1234’, and finally ‘hiiiiiiii8’. To ensure password strength you should also consider capitalizing one of the letters. Just a thought.

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