luck, No

Yeah BOI!

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas to sell alarms. My cousins are managers for Pinnacle and they are a hoot. They are Hydes through a through. Anyways, we did a little gambling. I have never really liked gambling. I mean, whenever I have gone I end up in the red; even if that is only like 40 bucks, it sucks. I guess I shouldn’t say I don’t like it. I love it when I am playing, that is fun. I tend to look at it like, ‘I can be apart of a movie. Its just entertainent, right?’ At least that is how I justify it.

The real problem with gambling is that it sucks you in. First of all the allure that “Vegas” and everything else that goes along with gambling, is a lie, but people buy into it all the time. I guess it’s kind of like buying beer. If you buy beer women in cut off shirts will come out of no where, armed with delicious foods, and more beers. That’s why people drop a grip of money on a table. They fool you with those darn chips too. Imagine playing with REAL hard cash, you would be little more cautious to go all in.

But the other night changed my perception, for a minute. I won fifty dollars and I felt like a champ. I was having a grand time on the table, yelling at people, shouting “BUST!”, flirting with my 50 year old Asian dealer. That is when I realized that gambling really isn’t fun if you don’t make it fun…. I think that is what I am drawn to, the free card to be belligerent.

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