Coum Nah

 There are a few things in this world that I love doing, all the time. Telling false stories to authorities, watching people get hit by cars, pretending like I’m interested, and speaking Guyanese.

I have been one to criticize those RM’s that come home, have been home for a few years, and all they can do is talk about their mission. Every sentence is predicated on the phrase, “On my mission…” I usually turn the ears off, but I feel that speaking Guyanese, when others appreciate it, is a completely different beast.

I honestly feel that when I speak Guyanese life gets better. I don’t know what it is, maybe their twang is better because they are from paradise. Maybe its due to the fact that I can speak really harsh, but it sounds like a song. Telling mission stories doesn’t make me want to go back to the Indies. Speaking the language does. I can feel their happiness. Their simple life unfold in front of me. While they seemingly have nothing, they truly have everything. Priorities rest upon family. Sure there are plenty of zeros there, but most of them, at least how I remember them, are so wonderful to be around.

Here is a video of how awesome Guyana is. This video really makes this post come to live so watch it. This is of some random kid that was swimming in a ditch.

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