The Boys. The Crew. The Herd. 
The unfortunate thing is that we have been disbanded. I am just speaking to the reality of it all. I can’t remember the last time that all of the Herd was in the same place at the same time.  We are connected, kinda like the cast of Friends, but we know our time is limited. Here is a little update on the boys.

Golden: I may be the only one that refers to Chadwick as Golden, but I think it will stick eventually. Last you heard? In a relationship. Status as of now: Single. Although he has been dating around, so you need to pick it up if you want in with Cheddar. He will remain at SUU for his undergrad… I think. Right? I hardly see him anymore. Too busy with, who knows what. For the first guy on the list, he is the one that is the most mysterious. He has a blog, but I can never get the URL right. Chad, mind putting it in the comment section? Thanks.

Mowgli: Last you heard? Single. Status as of now: He is still single. HOWEVER, he was dating this one chick really serious, but then, just like always, some crap happened. So, he is single again, but he ain’t really looking (because he has the actual luxury of not looking and still finding). The biggest issue on his mind? Med school. It is just tearing him up! His New Year’s resolution? Dribbling with his left hand.

Domp: He got married. wahoo.

Blastoff: Last you heard? It’s complicated. Status as of now: He is still complicated. Sorry. A Skywest employee of a couple of months,  he is never going to leave his job, or use his flight benefits. Planning on going to Utah State, he is going to love all of the basketball games. He has a rocking new Mazda, which only helps him in every single department. Go Aggies….

Burke: No real nickname has stuck, yet. Last you heard? Single. Status as of now: Still is. Although he just needs to learn how to come to grips with reality. He is pretty much dating two girls, but won’t admit that they are both his girlfriends. Whatever man. Whatever. He is debating who to go sell alarms with this summer. Am I? No. Should he? No. Good luck in law school. Jack wagon. Oh, he will have a nasty stache soon.

Shredded Wheat: Probably hates this video and everything about Adam Lambert. Last you heard? Single. Status as of now: Complicated. See, if I am ever in question if SW is with a girl, I know its complicated. I just know he is torn up inside about her, and she him, but he will never admit to it. Just not how the SW from the PF does it. He would love this website, and this video though.

Walker Wood: I didn’t mention him on the original introduction on the Herd, but he would’ve been on it. He was on his mission, in FLA, so you know he is a baller. The silent cowboy as I like to call him. You have to respect his range, dude can light it up like a propane bottle in a bon fire. He also has the audacity to throw nicknames back in your face. Somehow I am his Cracker.

The People: Since he left to the U we are still  wondering what happened to him. I think he likes it. I mean, he doesn’t come down or call. I think he has a g.f., but how would I know? I would tell you more about him….


This video reminds me of the Herd. We start out so promising. Just full of hype and tenacity, but when we finally bow out, it will be like this clown. Dropped like a baby held by a retard.

6 thoughts on “Disbanded?”

  1. Seems to me there's a pretty consistent theme on the status reports: single. i would love to know how is it that the herd has been disbanded and there aren't even female's in the equation?

  2. Cowboy please, the group isn't disbanded, just cuz the people headed up north, all the rest still chill, go to bonfires that are pretty stupid, ball on saturday, and do drive by's at the local dance parties haha, disbanded? not a chance

  3. Dave let's get real you know who I am! Think about it…if not ill give you one hint, I can shred on the drums

  4. All accurate statements…the herd has disbanded into tinier herds we will call them erds

  5. I feel like there are times when certain members leave the herd for a time, then after the girl dogs them, they come back! Some have left forever (Domp, and Dave). Some have slightly removed their unity, only to share it with other children gathered in the library third floor… We stand as united but fall as divided, they try to define us as killers and fighters!

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