364 days later…

MAY I suggest that as you read you pull up “Gangys: Last Prom on Earth,” on youtube or grooveshark. It will make reading this post so much more enjoyable. Hopefully.

This blog was conceived almost a year ago, all due to a major break-up in my life. The first post (which has since been deleted and is no where to be found) was a ode from a hurt soul and broken heart. I opened up, laid it all out there. In essence, that is where this blog all started, a ugly ending to a love story. As I did so, I realized that in writing, comes healing, true emotions and feelings can be expressed; without a blank stare looking back at you or the interruptions and opinions. It has been a journey. The ups and downs. But all in all, I feel like there are a few more in the corner with me. I need all the allies I can get.

Here is a ‘thank you‘ to the silent readers out there, who have watched from the sidelines. A thank you to all the people who have inspired posts, which is about every single person I know. And a thank you to those who have opposed me, you make me better, cause I love stepping on your face.

This being the start of the new year, for this blog, here are some topics to look forward to during this month:

Dating 101, my belly hurts, video search, local fashionable people, the story of crazy Mazy, and my alter ego.
Hopefully, by telling you that I haven’t hyped it up too much.

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