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I look so bitchin.

Joel Plaskett said it best in his song, Fashionable People, “Fashionable people doing questionable things.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. That is why I quoted him, because that lyric really sends the message home. Fashionable people doing questionable things….

Originally, I had this idea to post a load of pictures of local people who are really looking fashionable. Then I realized how invasive this would be on people’s privacy, how much effort it would really take; all in all, this idea didn’t pass the cost benefit ratio. You have a great imagination though.

To start the mockery juices going, I wanna call out a few celebs that are just setting a great trend for our society.

Lady Gaga. I think the acronym W.T.F. was invented after seeing her. Do NOT google image her. If you do, make sure you are on safe search, moderate showed more than I needed to see…. I look at this picture and everything I need to know about her is right here. Forget looking up her life on Wikipedia, just breath this photo in.You can judge a book by its cover.

Adam Lambert. Look, I am not attacking his homosexuality, but I thought gays were supposed to be fashionable. Right? Queer eye for the straight guy. I think Adam missed the boat. Eye liner works, I mean Steven Tyler uses liner and eye lash extensions… wait, the look doesn’t work. Adam looks like he just got out of a straight edge/goth meeting at the back of Kohls. NOTE: this was the only picture I could find of him not licking another dudes tongue.

I think we are now on the same page. Here are some things that local people do, that make NO sense.

-The reverse shirt tuck. You know, that undershirt that girls use, that stretches over their pants, like halfway down their hump. I mean, I know you gotta cover up your trunk with all your junk, but where did this come from? Sure, we don’t wanna see your Fergie thong, but it looks weird. Tuck your shirt into your pants. I know the lace at the bottom of the shirt looks cool in the mirror, but your butt doesn’t need a curtain hanging over it. I am sure girls can come back with the whole sag thing, and I agree with them, but just because most men sag and fail at fashion, doesn’t give girls a free ride. In fact it means the opposite.

– Pj’s. I cannot express how unsavory this trend is. If I had a license to bury people alive, I would. Grrr.

– An undershirt under the v-neck shirt. Take out the r of shirt and that is what these payasos look like. Show that neck hair off. Girls love it… maybe not the hair, but they will probably like seeing the hair over your shirt under your v-neck shirt. Your v-neck ain’t a sweater and this ain’t church son. Don’t fill in the gap of the v with your shirt. You wouldn’t color in the “V” on a paper. You only fill in the e’s, o’s, p’s, a’s, etc.

– The matching principle. Some people can over the top (you know that one dude who is wearing all red all the time), but overall, I think it is important to choose clothes that are similar is color and size. For instance, blue plaid shorts doesn’t look good with an orange shirt. Then you have the tight shirt and baggy pants, or vica versa.

– Flip flops + Sock = DUMB.

I’m getting bored with this post….. you get it right?

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