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Losing my mind to TV

If you haven’t heard of Friday Night Lights, the television series, then get out from underneath that stupid rock, that you call home, and watch it. I am addicted. Watch it once, and if you don’t like it, crawl back underneath that rock. We don’t need you. America will continue on without you. The real issue isn’t if you’ll like the show, the issue is managing your time. You’ll stay up late, talk to friends about the characters, say prayers for the Panthers to win their next game, and even plan a trip to Dillon.

In a previous post I said that I would tell the story of Crazy Mazy, but it turns out, that in writing about her, I discovered that her story and mine is pretty bland and crappy…. Truthfully, I forgot the details. I don’t even remember why she is crazy, other than she is. Sorry to disappoint. I feel like it could have been a good story, but in the end, the ending is the same, kinda like all chick flicks.

Should I be worried that I don’t remember things?

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