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A WHILE BACK – I went to the admissions office to inquire about my residency application. I had submitted the application a few days prior and was told that I would see an immediate change in my tuition when the application was processed, which would only take a day or so. Days passed, and no change had been made. When I asked about the status of the application, the girl at the counter told me to come back. The residency expert was busy.

Later that night, I called the admissions office to see what had taken place in my absence. I explained that I had previously come in and talked with one of the front office girls, and she said she would take care of it for me. “What was her name?” The voice on the phone asked.

— At that moment I realized the only thing I remember about this girl was her hairy arms. I didn’t even ask her name. That is all I could think about, all that hair. If she had blue hair, she would look like Sully. It was just her arms, not the chin, the lip, those arms… “Hello?” –Back to reality. “Uh, yes, I am here. I don’t remember her name, but she had hairy arms?” The phone clicked off. Then it sunk in… I am a total jackass. That was probably the same girl. She had probably been teased about her arms her whole life. Called awful names like, ‘Yeti’ or ‘Teen Wolf’, maybe even ‘Jodi’.

I felt awful. This girl was so nice to me, and in a moment of weakness, I failed to be humane. Even if it wasn’t intentional, I had managed to be a complete jerk. I had to make amends. I waited around the admissions office till she came. I told her how sorry I was. She accepted my apology, but with a streak of fierceness in her eyes, she said, “See you on the other side.”

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