Messing with people is probably one of the funnest things to do. I recommend it. Look up Tom Mabe on YouTube. He has some classic ideas. Lee Roy Mercer is pretty funny too.

Here is the game of the month: choose one of your friends or even a person you aren’t close to, but talk to often, preferably one that is a hothead. The goal of this game is to irritate them. You do this by asking them to repeat whatever they just said. You need to do this in moderation or else they’ll catch on.

For instance. You are talking about the liberation of Libya, or why KFC is of the devil, and they are really into it, their argument is reaching its climax. All you have to do is say ‘what?’ or even better, ‘huh?’ I promise that they will repeat what they said, or say it in a different way. After they are done re-explaining, ask them again, as if you didn’t understand or weren’t listening. If you started with ‘say that again,’ then you keep saying ‘say that again’. I mean, if they aren’t catching on.The best is when they are giving you directions.

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