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Baseball… Shoulda, coulda, woulda

First, let me clarify about my previous post, there are not a lot of rednecks in Washington. I was just watching “My Redneck Wedding” on TV and was floored… I couldn’t believe that there are people who actually think that camouflaged dresses are a good idea, american cheese is good enough to be a wedding cake, and that invitations can be hand written and rubbed in dirt.
Now, to what I’m really wanting to talk about… but please, open your heart. Give me a chance to defend a sport that I never really played or followed. All I am asking is to not be prejudice.

I now understand why baseball is our pastime, why it is America’s sport. I know this because I went to a big league game.

As soon as I ascended the stairs in Safeco Field, a smile overcame my entire face. I could not help it. My view was immediately exposed to the pristine field, with grass almost too pure. People surrounded me and were in constant motion. From concession stands to the bathrooms, the walls held everyone in order in what would otherwise be complete chaos. My nose was totally occupied with the food acoustics of carmel popcorn and hotdogs. The only way we could escape was finding our seats. It was then that I realized that TV and ESPN does not come close to the scene that played out before me.

Here they were, A-Rod, Jeter, Cano, Posada, Burnett, and… Ichiro, all assembled to play a simple game. The distance between home and the back wall seemed like a mile. The throws seemed to defy human capability. Surrounding the players was a sea of people, some chanting, “A-Rod sucks”, others trying to get their less than interested son involved, and finally the rest who just did not understand how to clap properly. It was all beautiful.
This video does not do justice to how it was in person. It was unreal. I can now fully appreciate web gems.

I am not asking you to love baseball. Just go, once. Be willing to spend some money… on where you sit and what you eat.

2 thoughts on “Baseball… Shoulda, coulda, woulda”

  1. Dave, it was a great game. Watching baseball live is a gazillion times better than watching it on tv. I loved it, too.

  2. You couldn't have picked a better field or game to begin your journey toward loving the game of baseball. Safeco and the Mariners, that is a great start to a beautiful relationship my friend

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