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Why are you the villain?

If I could speak to LeBron, if I had just five solid minutes with him, where he would answer any of my questions and was real with me, I think I’d ask him one thing; how do you do it?

He of course would wonder what I was referring to. He’d probably assume I was talking about playing in the NBA, the kind of time it takes to stay on top. Maybe he’d think I was talking about his freakish size and athletic ability, or maintaing the iconic image he has, but he’d be wrong. I’m really wondering how he, as a mere mortal, can function in a world that is crashing down on him. A world that hates him.

I didn’t even finish watching the finals. My brother (huge LBJ fan, man lover of LBJ) turned it off. I turned my phone off because it was blowing up with texts, mocking me for rooting and wanting to believe that James not only could take over a game, but actually defy critics and raise up to Jordan status. He failed. The Heat quit. All the talk, all the brashness, the hype, the arrogance, the promises, became punch lines. The big three fell. The preseason parade was the only light show Miami would see this year.

Everyone hates him, he might as well go eat worms… And that’s what he did in the finals. That’s what he’s done his whole career in games that mattered. All the ammo on James, from the “chosen one” tat to the decision, finally hit him. The target on his back is finally punctured with numerous holes. He can’t win when it’s supposed to be Bron time.

How does he live?

I cannot understand how a human can function with that much pressure on him. When you have the President chime in on your career, you know the world is watching. Imagine for a second people hating you for not playing a game the way they want you to play, People talking about you all the time… Is he really the bad guy? Is he really that bad?

Did he crack? He’s only had pressure on him to be the best since he was 12. So, yeah, he cracked, but wouldn’t you?

Bill Simmons has some good thoughts.

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  1. We are all “witnesses”
    Bill Simmons sums it all up…
    “You know at the car wash when they offer the “everything” package? That's what God gave LeBron. He's threatening to waste it. In a nutshell, this is what makes us so angry about him. It's not The Decision, or his lack of self-awareness, or the fact that he's a front-runner … it's that he's blowing the “everything” car-wash package. You see an athlete get handed the “everything” package maybe only five times in your life.”
    There's no doubt in my mind LBJ will figure it out. Just like there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that LBJ would come out and torch his critics in game 5 and then shut up the world in game 6. For all that he is and for all that he's not, LBJ is not like any athlete we've ever “witnessed” before.

  2. Sc dropping in. Glad you could make it.

    Simmons is money as of late… And you sc handed out a free lesson. Deep, for all that he is and all that he's not… Holy smokes.

    Here is what bugs us, we would use that talent right? But that's coming from our perspective, the one that knows you can't dunk. So, would we be different?

    LBJ has always been considered great. Michael? Earned his spot to a varsity squad after being cut. Kobe wanted to be the best so badly, that he forgot about his team. LBJ? Happy to be famous… He doesn't have a crappy life like me.,, who is his pr guy? Cause he needs a new one.

  3. Sorry bout that “G”… accident. Anywho, I don't really know if this is relevant or not but how did anyone ever like lebron? He's been saying the wrong things and acting the wrong way since he came into the league. Honestly I can't believe it took America so long to realize it. He was a douche long before the decision. Try to imagine 45, erv, Kobe, bird, Duncan, or anyone known for being a “cold blooded” assassin in the association, hiding behind the big man upstairs by saying; gods plan wasn't for me to win this title…really lebron? Go keep livin the life you want to live while us peasants return to our own personal problems and the misery that is our pitiful lives

  4. I liked that he could dunk like it was an eight foot rim. I likes his pre game rituals. The chalk toss, the team dances and skits, he was exciting. Most of all, i liked that i was possibly watching history in the making, that's something to get pumped about.

    I never really listened to what he said or did off court, honestly. But now, shoot, I feel betrayed, let down, and it's really hard for me to like him…. I hope he doesn't become a marbury.

  5. LBJ is amazing, No one watched cavs games till he was there, and no one watches em now that he's gone. He is electrifying on the court. But only when its not a big game. But just like MR. SC said, he won't waste his “deluxe” package, simply hasn't redeemed it yet. Don't give him credit if you don't want to, but wait till he figures out his role as #2 on the team and learns to play without the ball. Now that the heat have a whole summer to just practice and not have all these retarded celebrations and “decisions” the 3 amigos will figure it out and the NBA better watch out.

  6. Chuck hates LBJ because LB thinks that winning is easy. It ain't. Ask chuck. As Karl. Winning the ship takes a whole team. My older brother, who runs bve (another blog), put it like this… The heat may win a few, but seven in a row? He is coming up on 30 fast. What happens to him when his legs are gone? After mj left the bulls, they still made it to the eastern conference finals, and lost in game seven… He had a great team.

    LBJ doesn't have time or a work ethic. He has failed to become Jordan. His team isn't really made to win it all year after year. He isn't either.

  7. Cracker, to me the problem is that LBJ is “made” to win it every year. 6'8″ 250 lbs. Play any position 1-4. Guard any position 1-4. Seemingly doesn't wear down physically, although obviously self destructs mentally. Has the size and experience over the young guys, and the quickness and athleticism over the old guys. Not to mention one of the top two shooting guards in the league as a running mate. On paper nobody can guard him. On paper nobody can score against him. On paper the mavs don't match up. On paper LBJ is made to win it all year after year. So why is he still ringless?

  8. You answered it yourself bro. He mentally self destructs. Isn't that what happened to tiger?

    Lb has three or four years left in his legs. No post game. Hardly a mid range game. Guy doesn't look for the future or the ball in the crunch.

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