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I will be overweight. Probably.

As I chewed, I relished the bits of black cookie. I glanced into the rear view mirror, noticed the edges of my mouth surrounded with my leftovers, and knew that I could be come a victim. My eyes tried to lie, but like any criminal, I finally got caught.

I have F.P.; you know, fat potential. Most overweight people blame genes. Others use eating to drown their sorrows.. That’s me. I find comfort in the Oreo milkshake at jack-in-the-box. I can admit it. That is the first step in overcoming addictions and problems, admitting that you have an issue. Its sad really, how much better I felt after sucking down 32 oz. of ice-cream and whipped cream.

Second step, in overcomng a problem, is creating a p.o.a.; you know, a plan of action, which includes goals. All of which I haven’t come up with. So, I’m going to turn that F.P. into a reality. I’m gunna have a belly, double chin, and a super expensive life insurance deductible.

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  1. I feel like you are having a similar experience to me out there! Rough days, hit up the JIB for a quick shake and to get out of the weather, watching movies at 3 am, yup, you're a salesman haha

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