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Camper vs. Hunter

If gaming has a greater priority than life, then by automatic default, you are a gamer. Just ask the dead Korean guy…But I’ve been playing a lot of call of duty. It’s amazing.

Camper: sits and waits. He let’s the fight come to him, by hiding in dark corners, until someone comes into his sights.

Hunter: he takes the fight to all around him.

Scavenger: picks off the weakened from battle.

I am the unwilling camper, that hunts on occasion. No one wants to camp, if they understand what being a man is all about… Camping is like “Groundhogs day,” with Bill Murray, but instead you’re stuck in the seventh grade. It’s easy, you are just slaying it on the basketball court, the hunnies are lovin you, but in the end, your balls still haven’t dropped.

It isn’t so much how great your kill to death ratio is, at least not in the beginning. Anyone can crouch down, wait for someone to walk right into their sight, and pull the trigger. Zzzzzz. Boring. This ain’t fishing, and it’s definitely not real life. For once, it’s okay to die, you actually get an infinite amount of lives. But Gaming is really a microcosm of mans development…
Baby teeth fall out– Double kills are common.
Hair grows in– Look sensitivity is at 11.
Odor secreats– Dogs are unleashed.
The stream slows– the sniper class is mastered.

Do you follow? Maybe not. If you get one thing out of this, it’s that being a camper for your c.o.d. Career is a zero.

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