Septmeber Game of the Month

I couldn’t wait for 10 pictures, which was my goal. I had to post it now, sorry. The game is to take pictures of people asleep. I’m pretty sure people saw me do this, but whateva. You just got “taken”.                                                     
   Super gratifying.

First victim. What a sucker. He might be praying actually.

Lance. On my floor. Tuckered out.
Stoned outta his mind. I love this one. Really like the pocket dive.

Ohh. Cute. He has a heavy chin. Its can be exhausting.
Comfortable, son?
Nice improvisation with the blanket/sweater. Notice the dude in the back?

Opened mouth. Mohawk. Purrrrfect. 
He’s BACK! The face brace. Nice.
These chairs have a spell. Is that a PSP on his lap?

Nice, Drew. Nice. I got owned, again.

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