i like to make it awkward… with my stench….

an uncomfortable situation is when you smell your own odor and you can’t tell if the other people around you can smell it. this situation gets worse when its hot.
you sweat more.
you start to smell your feet too. from your tennis shoes. the ones that you exercise in.
i wonder sometimes if it all psychological. am i just so worried about it that i am making up that smell in my head?
soon the tacos underneath my arms are swelling into giant burritos.

i wish we lived in a world of a little more polite honesty. all you have to say is, “uh. you smell a little off. not to be rude. you are a really great person. i thought you should be aware that your human smells, which are natural, are coming into my person space. i am feeling a little uncomfortable. sorry if that hurt your feelings.”

i mean, can you really be mad? thats like someone telling you that your haircut, as fashionable as you thought it was, has some uneven lines in the back. i hate when that happens… i didnt pay 15 bucks for an uneven haircut. it honestly cant be that hard. if you cant handle it, then tell me, and just shave my head with buzzers. tell me you cant do it. knock off five bucks, be honest, and ill tip you… like three bucks. maybe four.

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