I’ve dreamt it.

Time to add another dream to the “I’ve dreamt this” list.

Last night, which was a Sunday night leading into a Monday day, I had one of the scariest dreams ever. This was a legitimate nightmare. I was in some po-dunk town located in the south. It had to be Arkansas. I got out of my white SUV. I was on my way to visit an old lady. I was a police man. She was under a new program where the inmates live in homes. It was part of a new rehabilitation process, that was supposed to help convicts feel at home, that way when they got out into the real world it wouldn’t be a shock. I didn’t like it, nor the idea of visiting this old granny (I can’t believe I remember this much detail, that shows you how scary this was). Turns out she was a serial killer, living with her dog. She was crazy. I had to run for my life. She was going to cook me into her stew. I woke up in a sweat. I had become a cop!

I’ve shared something very real with you. Please, don’t mock me. Grown boys have nightmares.

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