Head Nod.

Remember when the head nod was THE way to say hello. I think even girls were head nodding each other. “Sup”. Then like all things, it went away. It was the perfect salutation. You could look at another person, without really knowing them, and give them that nod. You were saying, “If I knew you, we’d be tight.” or even, “Yo. Morning.” The possibilities of interpretations are endless.

Despite its lack of common usage today, the nod is thriving. Ask Mowgli. Not only does he get free deserts when he asks, he gets the head nod. It’s like he is part of a fraternity, a brotherhood. No matter where he goes, one of his brothers notice him and let him know, “Hey. What up, son? Ya alright? Just checking, you know. Wanna make sure you’re okay.” All of that is plainly expressed in a single motion of the head and neck. Awesome. I wish I had that kind of earned respect. People nodding ‘yes’ to me all day. People just super concerned with how I am.

Respect is earned, right. So, I’ve been on the street, earning. Justin Timberlake brought sexy back (Caleb Jones) I am going to bring the nod back.

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