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Jacked UP!

I watch a lot of sports. ESPN fills my TV watching…

I see a lot of great plays and I’ve noticed a common trend among athletes. When they make a spectacular catch/dunk/hit/block/etc. they say either two things: A) “LET’S GO!” B) “**** Yeah. ******* ***** of ****.”

I can’t blame them. I remember when we lowered the rim to six and half feet at the homestead. I dunked on Esta Bon Gondolfo Kid with no regard for his life. I had some serious words for him. I think I even had my shirt off. Yes, as I recall, I did. If my memory serves me correct, I even stood over his crumpled body on that fateful day. The concrete was softer than the words that broke Steven’s ears.

How else can we, as elite athletes, clearly convey to our teammates what they need to do, or how others are inferior? No real athlete, in good confidence say, “Fellas, I am bringing the heat man. I just need your guys help. Just match my intensity.” Or “Ohhh my. Did you just notice how I embarrassed you? Thehehe.”

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