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Grateful for Gratitude.

I like people that list the things they are thankful for. Those people are generally optimistic, friendly, and easy to be around. Here’s to you people who see the glass half full of opportunity and awesomeness. I wanna make a list of things I am thankful for. To be a really good list you must have more than 7 entries. It’s a rule.

1. Tom Selek. He. Is. Awesome.
2. Tenative NBA agreement…. Unlock Kobe.
3. Adventures of TinTin. (It’s animated. StevenĀ Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Indiana Jones/ Pirates of the Caribbean. It will be awesome.)
4. Sweet Potatoes.
4a. Turkey with cranberries.
4b. Turkey Bowls.
5. The phrase, “boom-shock-ololaca.”
6. The paradox of Tim Tebow.
7. NFL Sunday Ticket.
8. Dave’s Day.
9. Andy Samberg/ Kristen Wiig.
10. Rotten Tomatoes.

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