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This is from another blog that I contribute to. It is private, so I thought I would share it with you. I wrote it almost a week ago, enjoy.

He is three days older than me. He was born in some remote mission in the Philippines, and every Sunday Tim Tebow gets face time. ESPN, CBS sports, S.I., you name it, he’s going to be talked about. I think ESPN should dedicate a solid hour to just him. That’s what they do anyways. He is such a polarizing character, from his on field display of Christianity, to his coach and ownership not truly behind him, and his spaztic emotions.

I’ve watched his comebacks at the Jets, the Chargers, and the Chiefs. I’ve seen him throw awful passes against the Raiders. I watched him get smashed by the Lions. I’ve seen him make unorthodox plays. And somewhere, in between all the talk about what he can and can’t do (Bill Romanoski said he couldn’t beat the Jets, Steve Young said that teams would stop him), I believe in him. At Florida he was unstoppable, loud, passionate, and really annoying. His autobiography, at least his picture, clearly shows that. Now, he is the underdog… I watch Denver because of Tim.

We can all relate to Tim, in a way. What makes him so love-able, is that he doesn’t listen to the critics. He actually believes he belong in a starting QB position. Most of all, Tim inspires others. I read about how coach Fox asked him to give a speech before there game. Champ Bailey, arguably one of the greatest corners of all time, bought into Timmy. He has that magic, that intangible will to win.

When Tebow came into replace Orton mid game, against the Chargers (earlier in the season), I felt the belief, maybe energy is a better word. The crowd, his team, everyone seemed to have a greater purpose. His line gave him time, his running back ran hard down field, and his receivers ran clean routes. It was like watching a team come out of halftime, completely revamped, and adjusted to the competition. They were a different team. He led them to  a touchdown drive, and gave them a chance to win at the end of the game.

Since then he has won four of five. The defense, led be Miller, is formidable. Elway has tried to retract his statements. Steven Young hasn’t been featured on ESPN for awhile now. Bill who?

Can’t get enough of Timothy. I kinda want to read his book, but its written from Gator eyes…. so, won’t do it. Here is another great site dedicated to him!

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  1. I'm getting a little sick of Tim Tebow talk. I will say this, after all the twinter paint has worn off, he has yet to beat a quality team. The only teams who resemble a decent team are the Chargers and the Jets. And even then, I wonder how good they are. Philip Rivers throws like Mowgli does with his left arm. And the Jets are all hype. So, the real litmus test comes this Sunday against the Pats. Cause we saw what happened when he played the Lions.

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