The Grinch who stole the NBA

I’ve waited in anticipation for months for the NBA to be “back,” and even now, I wonder if it will ever be the same. I doubt it will. With the lockout and the current antics, that commissioner David Stern is involved in, prove that the NBA is in serious peril.

Stern certainly talked the talk during the lockout. He talked real big. He made everyone believe that the players were fools, incompetent, and selfish, denying any compromise. He had us believe that Billy Hunter was self serving, and sure, he might have, but now, I am wondering if it was the other way around.

My case in point is CP3. His veto of not just the Lakers trade, but the Clippers (THE CLIPPERS! How can you not LET them try to get better? Not allowing them to trade up, is like not allowing Lindsay Lohan to go to rehab. Does he just let them trade down– “have em trade Eric Gordon for Okur. That’s cool.”) is evidence that he is trying to dictate what happens in the NBA. He killed one of the most exciting free agency trades in the history of the NBA. This was a make up call for letting King James go to Miami; plain and simple. He heard the whines and moans from the owners on the James omission, and wouldn’t allow it to happen again. The son of a bitch. He is so weak. I wish the NBA only had a problem with roids, then everyone would dunk over cars, not some pansy commish.

What is his problem really? He looks like he was picked last for every game ever played in the school yard. That’s unfair of me though. This is more like a game of monopoly. You know the guy who plays banker, by default, he thinks he runs the show. Mostly cause he can add. But the whole time he has been slipping himself a hundo every time he rolls a seven. Shoot, he even has the light blue monopoly five rolls into the game. Then, around 11:30 pm, you conjure up a risky trade. You trade Kentucky, Indiana, and two Railroads, for the Boardwalk monopoly and some cash. The player at the other end of the trade will get all the Railroads, and has leverage to get the last red. He is in good shape. But the banker, knowing you have enough capital to build four homes on each, pipes up. He says it’s not fair. Only because he is rounding the corner toward the greens and boardwalk. He actually says he will quit if the trade happens. Suddenly, no one can trade without his consent. The next roll he hits luxury tax and scoffs, “Wouldn’t have got me anyways.”

You of course play the remainder of the game with just your four lousy properties and lose… everyone loses, just that damn banker comes out on top. With his light blues, pinks, and utilities. No one can trade or last past 3:00 am. You go to bed with bloodshot eyes and realize how much monopoly teaches about the real world. You’re not mad that it seemed like ever other time around the board people landed on Boardwalk and Park Place, you’re not mad that you’re just slowly bleeding out; you’re mad that you were never given the chance to see what could happen. You weren’t allowed to take a chance, to see if your move came to fruition. There was no choice. Just a tight wad banker.

In summation, suck an egg Stern. I hope you break the egg shell and swallow the pieces. Would CP3 garuntee a ‘ship for LA? No. They gave away two of their biggest pieces to the championship teams of ’09 and ’10. We can only speculate. Now we’re stuck with watching Miami… ugh.

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