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Hopeless, according to… everyone.

I am 24… In this Mormon culture I am ancient, especially considering that I am getting close to that age of 25. That’s a bad number to hit when you are single. Brigham Young said that a man who was 25 and unmarried is a menace (A person or thing that is likely to cause harm; a threat or danger) to society. I am certain that I will become another menace. I do not know how I’ve managed to remain single in this fast relationship world. I’m such a fool. I should’ve been in a hurry and married the first broad I dated. [I hope you are catching the sarcasm.] 
Let be real though, I do feel like my age marks me. I am hesitant to tell people, because I can see them hold back their gasp of shock. Then, their shock, turns into matchmaking. They wanna fix me, like I am their service project. If they could just line me up with Ms. Right, then maybe they can sleep at night, cause I am their responsibility. 
This is a real concern for those who love me; my family, bless their hearts, are very worried, and I get that. My mother thought I would be married six months after my mission. Phew, thank heavens I did do that. No offense Melissa, but.. yeah…. I am the last member of my family who has yet to be married (Steven gets married this June). So, naturally, everyone wants to set me up. Just this last Christmas break I had a former young men’s teacher corner me and try to set me up with a “girl that would be perfect for me.” He taught me when I was 16. He obviously KNOWS me. 
Call me jaded, cynical, whatever, the blind date thing– getting set up, is a farce. It doesn’t work. I can’t think of a single blind date that resulted in a lasting and meaningful relationship. They have all been casualties, train wrecks, just bad. Maybe it’s user error, but I doubt that. I am not saying that those dates and interactions weren’t helpful, they have been, but the whole match making is doomed from the beginning (the expectations from both parties lead to a superficial interest and involvement). 
I’m over it. So, no thanks Uncle Rod, I don’t wanna date your egotistical niece. No thanks Brother Sorenson, I’ll pass on your friend. No thanks Mom, I love you, but it ain’t gunna happen. It might be easier to have a sign, “Unmarried. 24. Undecided profession. Loves the Lakers. High blood pressure. Selfish.” 

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