Mashed up.

Game of the month.

The next time someone tries to explain a book/movie/person, really anything, they usually try to match that… noun to another noun that would help you, the listener, better understand. Like, the book 1984 is kinda like a Brave New World… or a short man is always 5’10”. The fun part is making your own connection, especially when it’s outlandish. You just take a piece of what they say and just butcher it with a semi close parallel.

For example, today a work this kid, Moses, was trying to explain the FX TV show Archer. Moses was like,” The show is animated, but pretty crude humor. It’s really funny. It’s similar to The Venture Brothers.” Then I was like, “So, it’s more like American Dad with some Ren and Stimpy mixed in, but with a familiar feel of gym talk.” Moses was like, “No. Not at all.” But Moses is a quick dude. He responded, “It’s more like Home Alone vs 24. Except the main character is like Rick Perry.” Nicely done Moses. Nicely done.

Later that night a girl was explaining a book to me. All I heard was something about a large box, a maze, people fighting for their life, and love. She said it was like The Hunger Games. I retorted with Harry Potter 4, 2001: Space Odyssey, and a Skrillex concert. Needless to say, she quit telling me about books that she reads.

…. Think of the possibilities…. maybe this games sucks… you just have to be in the right mood. The key is to just keep making comparisons, over and over, just to make other people frustrated. Just piss people off. That’s the point of all of these games.

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