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I think it was the American Moses, who I love to quote, who said that ‘justification is the grease on the sliding pole to hell.’ Could be wrong. It would be something he said though.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to quit cursing. So far, not so good. What used to be just a joke has turned into a habit. I remember when I played football that I had a similar problem. One of my teammates told me I had the filthiest mouth on the team. That was a low point for me… I mean, to still remember that interaction? I usually forget everything.

I know how others sound when they cuss. Ignorant. Classless. Crude. Obtuse.

To be honest flip or shiz does ZERO justice to how you feel. But that is just me justifying it. I’ve tried to break this habit (again, me justifying it). Mowgli used to slap me in the mouth after every time a filthy word came out. I didn’t like that. Ever. I still don’t know what to do, because when I watch Kevin Hart he makes cursing an art (video contains bad words, obviously).

I hope I can catch myself before I slide all the way down. To hell that is. I am going to hell. Shit.

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