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Nasty Encounter

The story I am about to share actually happened. I hope I can convey it in such a way that you feel that you were there and were apart of it.

Time: 10:47 pm. Location: just out side of the Mariott Library, on the University of Utah campus.

I walk outside. It is bitter cold. I hear an odd angry type of ‘ughhh‘ sound, but it had a woman’s tone to it. I turn the corner and a couple comes into my sight. The girl is talking very fast. She keeps making the angry yelp sound. He says nothing, he just keeps looking down. They are far enough away that I don’t really hear what is going on, and I try to keep my distance, cause she seems like she is ready to snap. Her arms are flailing all over the place. She finally yells, “Fine. I’ll walk.”  And she does. She storms off. The man snaps his head up and watches after her, like he was awakened from a dream by a bucket of ice water. She is cruising, and the dude just keeps looking at her. Doesn’t call out to her or run after her. Just stares. He slowly takes out his phone as she is about 40 yards away and I makes a phone call.

By this time she is almost out of sight. He is still staring, with the phone up to his face. By this time, I have completely stopped and am staring. She turns back to look at him. I can’t see her face, but her whole body has that ‘REALLY? ARE YOU JOKING?’ look to it. It’s that angry little girl look.
She takes out her phone, with the screen shinning brightly – indicating an incoming call, answers it, and yells.

She said things that would not be deemed lady like. She hung the phone up, turned around, and went back to her walking gig. He watched until she was out of sight, shrugged his shoulders, and went back into the library. By this time, I was like AWESOME!

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