bad move, dating, washed-up


wanna feel dumb? leave your wallet when you are taking a date to eat. wanna feel even more stupid? leave your wallet again, when you take the same girl to lunch. promise, you’ll know what it means to make a zero move.

This song, however, is not a zero. It is contributing. I like to listen to it in the background, while I am working on my craft. But if you ain’t feel my boy Cudi, then you adda listen to just youtube search your favorite rapper (I’ve only seen 50 cent, B.I.G. *His is the best, Tupac, Jay-z, Nas, Kayne) vs. the xx. Telling ya, you’ll be hooked.

I am not big into covers, but my older brother, the connoisseur of music, posted this, and I was impressed. It also helps that I do not like the original.

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