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It’s an orange ball.

I read this article the other day on ESPN.com, mostly because the link inferred that Kobe Bryant is overrated, that talked about ‘Hero Ball’. Mr. Abbott, the author of said article, doesn’t tell us anything that we don’t already know; team work wins– the majority of the time. He blames Michael Jordan for ‘Hero Ball’, because he was so clutch in pressure situations. Just watch the highlights, and look at the stats, Jordan was the exemption. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but get defensive, even mad that someone was calling my Kobe over-hyped. By the way, Henry Abbott is bald and ugly. Looks like he will be always under-hyped. Then I hear sacrilegious propaganda, from Ric Bucher, saying that Kobe should be traded. All I can do is throw up my hands in disgust and shake my head at such outlandish propositions. The dude wore a black mask like Zorro!

The NBA is full of talent, but no one like Kobe. Name a current player that has the career comparable to Kobe? No one. Someone who plays like him? No one. Many would like to, but they simply can’t. The NBA needs Kobe. He is the villain, that somehow people love. Because as a human, I don’t think he is worth much.  Every game he will do the same thing, head fake until it looks stupid, take one hard dribble to the elbow and shoot, exploit defenders with his footwork, act like he was hacked every time he goes to the hoop, and look at the officials as if they were born with an arm coming out of their butt. In essence, he will never back down, he plays the same game every night. I don’t think you can say that about any other player. He obviously won’t make all of his shots, or even half of them, but when he gets hot…. we all start getting hot, if you know what I mean. And I think you do know what I mean. 

Basketball fans need Kobe to be Kobe, he makes the NBA enjoyable. He creates a storyline that is better than a highlight. While his style, which is diametrically opposite of what is best for the team, it has led him to five championships. I know he had help from Shaq Daddy, but the young brash Kobe shot a lot, and the Diesel conceded that KB is the best Laker ever. 

See, he is never afraid to shoot. It doesn’t bother him that he just missed 20 shots, lost a double digit lead point lead for his team,  or that everyone is shouting at him to pass. He wants to be #1 every single game. That is what makes me love KB24 so much. To have that kind of mentality, that will power, is what separates him from everyone else. Bean probably says to himself, “Screw everyone else around me, damn the consequences, I am getting mine. I am alpha male. I am alpha predator.” I know that he is egotistical, selfish, arrogant, rude, and probably really unfriendly. He is the only player that night in and night out will play with absolutely no regard for anyone else, his own team included.I wouldn’t want to be his friend. I probably wouldn’t want to be his teammate. He doesn’t play team basketball, but that’s why we watch.

Kobe lover or Kobe hater, you have to admit that without Kobe who would we talk about? LeBron? Ugh. That story is overplayed and under-performing — The Dan Marino of basketball. Derrik Rose? SNORE fest. If he had an ounce of marketability that guy would be IT. I would buy his shoes tomorrow. Dwight Howard? Those big shoulders are so inconsistent and full of talent, it makes me sick. Jeremy Lin was perfect, while he lasted. By the way, Lin is NOTHING like Tim Tebow. Ricky Rubio/Rajon Rondo? Broke jumper, no hops, great passing, and that is where it ends. Not a great story line. Kevin Durant is compelling, but he plays for OKC, and has yet to make it to the ‘ship. He is also too cool and nice. Americans love controversy and blood, just like The Bachelor. 

Like every Drama, we need major roles to fill. Kobe plays the antagonist and protagonist. Not many can do that. As any audience would like from a play, we need a compelling plot, action, and summary. How much better of a story is last year’s NBA champions, the Dallas Mavericks, because they swept the Lakers – the 2010 NBA champions. Or how about the comments that Kobe made about Lin and the Thunder? His hubris attitude is a challenge to these rising stars and validates them when they prove him wrong. Finally, look at him calling out LBJ for not taking the last shot in the All-Star game; it makes James look like a fool.

If we didn’t have Kobe to hate or love, the NBA would be a substandard entertainment system, like the game cube.

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