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Apple is going for just over $600 dollars a share. It has about $93 billion in cash. And the company doesn’t seem to be slowing down. People just love Apple shit (Americans love to buy stupid stuff too). They love the nice looking gadgets. They love the fancy things they can do with with their fat fingers. But mostly, people love to be cool. So do I. I would buy an Apple car if I could afford it. I can’t wait for them to start making toasters. Holy smokes! They actually could re-invent the wheel. Wait– Walker Wood has already done that. 
I bought an iPhone, to be cool. And guess what, I feel way better having this iPhone than when I was wearing JINCO jeans. The poor can now have a decent status symbol. Can’t wait to sell alarms so I can buy myself MacPro. Then an Apple TV. Then an Apple bathtub. DIE DROID, DIE!

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