yo, teach, some help?

This semester has been a struggle for me. My New Year’s resolution was to be on time to EVERY single class EVERY single time. I did not do that. I’m ashamed. I am probably the only one that didn’t keep all of my resolutions. I’ll go put my nose in the corner after I am done writing. It is too bad that I am so undisciplined.

Finance has been a real problem class for me. I don’t like my teacher at all, not that she isn’t nice, but she sucks at teaching. Her main problem is that she can’t speak clearly or simply. She is too damn smart for me. Most of the class has quit going all together. I went the other day and there was 15 kids. I kept my backpack on the whole time, just in case I needed to leave like the rest of the cool kids, or to make me look more nerdy.

In my absences they have gone over simple finance subjects, which seem super complicated in my book. On one of my problems I thought I could e-mail her and get some help. This is how it went:

David Hyde
Apr 24 (6 days ago)

to yihui.pan
I have a question on number five. How do I convert the book values to the market values with the given information that I have?
Yihui Pan
Apr 25 (6 days ago)

to me

Yes, it’s the right way to go – use the market values.
Thanks… for the help. How is now a yes/no question.

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