I bet you didn’t know that Prince’s actual birth name is Prince Rodgers Nelson. He also was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is 54 years old. PETA has voted him as the sexist vegetarian. He is a Jehovah Witness. He said that it wasn’t a conversion, but more a “realization”; “It’s like Morpheus and Neo in The Matrix.” Despite his odd fashion and feminine traits, he is not gay. Not even close, according to multiple marriages and girl friends…maybe he is…but I doubt it.

I have heard of Prince, I mean, who hasn’t. I can honestly say that before this summer I had never listened to one of his songs. One night I was just looking through Dave Chappelle clips and I found this series called ‘True Hollywood Stories,’ featuring Charlie Murphy (lots of obscene language FYI). After hours of watching all of the videos, I determined that I needed to know Prince. He seemed like a man for all seasons. Eccentric? Sure. Dynamite? Obviously.

I created a Pandora station, plugged in and was floored. Most of his lyrics are sopping with sexual content, but the dudes voice and beat, off the looptie loop. He can raise that voice to glass breaking octave, then beat you up slow with that deep baritone. I am no musician, but I think I know a jam that people would wanna get down to. He’s bad baby. I suggest ‘Kiss’ and ‘Little Red Corvette.’

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