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I thought I would have someone tell me that I had lost my ‘Man Card’. I thought I would fight agaisnt losing the card. I would put my foot down and say, “No, sir. I will not continue down this path.” I did not expect that I would succumb slowly and subtly, and that one day I would think to myself, “Huh. I am whipped.” See, I was the friend that made fun of the friend that would rather hang out with his girl than me. I promised myself to never be on that ‘leash’, ‘chain’, ‘lady rope’, ‘skunked rode’, ‘trippin way’, ‘crazy fo dat lady’, or ‘broke game way’.

There were signs that I was losing the battle; obvious signs. Any time you willfully hold a woman’s purse, without making the cinnamon challenge face, you know it is over. Or if you watch a movie that is similar to Step Up, Step Up 2, or Perfect Pitch (which are entertaining, they just lack substance, plot, acting, etc.). Or just sit and wait for her to get off work. Just getting upset at very minute that passes with her not being with you. And finally, if you have to ask yourself if it literally her way or the highway….

Losing your the ‘man card’ is necessary. All men must go through this rite of passage to become a real man. Ones that cry and love Jesus.

Remember how Jeremiah Johnson had to take care of an orphan kid and his squaw wife because of human decency, but in the end you saw that he deeply loved them. It isn’t exactly like that…Stay with me. See, J.J. (as I like to call him) is the definition of MAN. Rugged, dangerous, strong, bearded, tough, ate meat, killed beasts, tamed the country side, fought off assassins, built a house with his bare hands, had integrity, mad dogged, etc. But, most of all he had a heart. He loved. He cared. While rough around the edges, over time the layers of protective MAN skin was peeled back, and we knew who he really was inside. I am exactly like J.J– a total badass.

To be complete you have to sometimes hold her purse. You have to go to movies that you would not even watch the movie trailer. And you have to remind yourself that she does run the show. She is always right, but she is totally worth it.

P.S. I have given up on trying to give up social media.

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